An AI painted one of these.

AI-vs-real art portraits

Creativity feels like the last bastion of the human spirit, but nothing in untouchable. For now, AI has an easier time painting than it does writing. One pixel being a slightly “wrong” isn’t as obvious as a gibberish word in a sentence, but language generation techniques are catching up fast.

Given this trajectory, what does the future hold for creative writing? We believe that human writers will assume the role of conductor over an orchestra of artificial intelligences. The Story Ghost writing software embodies this vision. As machine learning and natural language processing techniques mature, Story Ghost will grow with them.

We start with a strong (non-AI) foundation, boasting all the features expected from a digital writing toolkit. Then we layer on AI-powered features like autocomplete, rephrasing, auto-conjugation, and contextual mood boards. When you partner with an AI, you operate at a higher level of abstraction. Join us on this journey to discover the essence of human creativity.

The image on the left is by an AI created by Kenyon College while the image on the right is a self portrait by Théodore Géricault