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Bounce ideas off an AI

Select a bit of your story, then the AI will write the next paragraph. It mirrors your writing style, while paying attention to the people and events of your prompt. Quickly cycle through ideas until you find one that tickles your fancy.

How does it work? We trained the GPT-2 machine learning model on a corpus of modern literature. The result is an AI that writes like a best-selling author, integrated into your story.

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Visualize your worldbuilding

Uncover hidden connections in your ideas with our integrated corkboard. Describe relationships between pages, and add custom tags for powerful filtering.

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Analysis of emotional intensity

Shepherd your readers through a diverse emotional journey. Our Emotion Analysis tool detects emotional changes over time, and overall tone.

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Don't lose momentum wrestling with awkward sentences

Our rephraser tool translates your text into numerous languages, then back to English. Select from a Smörgåsbord of interesting alternates.

Wish you had written in a different tense? Our retenser tool reconjugates entire paragraphs from present to past, and past to present. Give your story a fresh feel - without the laborious rewriting.

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Engage your senses with a visual thesaurus

Get visually inspired with an automatically generated mood board. The Word2Vec machine learning model provides visual detail and delightful surprises from related concepts.

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Catch ideas on your phone before they fly away

"This idea is so good, there's no way I'll forget it later!" Access all features from your pocket while you're out living life.

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Commercially successful pacing system

Start each chapter with a clear finish line. Chapter-specific pacing advice that will turn your editor's frown upside down. Word count targets adjust themselves according to pacing guidelines.

We're proud to offer a standalone version of the Story Ghost Plotter tool free forever!

All the niceties you expect from writing software

  • Sync your words to Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Auto-saves as you type.

  • Dark Mode for when you're in the zone past sundown.

  • Stay organized with page hierarchies. Writing a nonlinear story? We provide a separate hierarchy dedicated to chronological order to help you avoid plot holes.

  • Unlimited stories. Brainstorming is fun - start fresh as many times as you want.

  • Distraction-free interface, or not. Tailor the tool to meet your needs for any stage of the writing process. You can even set italics to show up as underlined.

  • Typography options optimized both for reading or writing.

  • Export to Standard Manuscript Format and many other file types.

  • Configure character archetypes, logline, and dramatic question, and the AI will gently suggest focus areas as you write each chapter.

  • Make your stories public, and share the URL with your beta readers. Stay anonymous and let your pen name suffer the slings and arrows of feedback.

  • Enable typewriter scroll, which removes scroll bars, and keeps the current line vertically centered.

  • No software to install or computer compatibility headaches - all you need is a web browser.

  • Avoid yet another account. Log in with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, or Twitter. We bet you can finish a story before your trial expires! 😉

With Story Ghost, blank pages don't stay blank.

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